Michael Cyger
Michael Cyger
Hi there,

Last Sunday I launched my Pyramid.com card game. Thanks for visiting, upvoting on Product Hunt, and playing, if you found time.

I also caught a killer 🔪 exact-match domain name, and I'm hoping it actually gets delivered. 🤞 Details below.

Here are my top 5️⃣-for-Friday domain tweets from this week.

Have a great weekend, my friend!


#1️⃣ Oh Snap(names)!
Michael Cyger
I just caught an uncontested backorder ($79) domain name on @SnapNamesDotCom with these search statistics & interest over time

2 word, 3 syl, .com with alliteration

It's a "business in a box"

$17,377 @GoDaddy GoValue
$35,000 @Estibotcom
$94,500 @NameWorth

I ❤️ domain names
My wife and I were driving to our youngest's cross country meet, and I told her that I caught a domain on backorder.

I couldn't believe it.

I thought for sure it would have gone to auction, and I that I was fully expecting to watch it go too high for me to bid on. The $79 backorder (which isn't charged until I get the domain) was was my entry-fee to remember to watch it.

But lo and behold, I get it.

I still think it's too good to be true.

So I called Snapnames yesterday and talked to their customer support. Andy assured me I'd get it, and that it takes a 48 to 72 hours for the DNS to update to show that I have control.

I guess we'll see early next week. I'm wavering between optimistic and pessimistic. 🤣

Light a candle for this transaction going through. 🕯️
#2️⃣ Pyramid.com site update
Michael Cyger
This is the first day of visitors to Pyramid.com.

I was hoping that it would be about 3 pages per visitor (about 3 games, since it's a single-page website).

And the visit duration is similar to that of Wordle.
On Tuesday I posted these stats from Monday.

I was pretty happy with them.

2.84 views means that most people were playing about 3 games (or at least restarting a game they didn't or couldn't win).

5 minutes of play time is a killer stat. Most websites would love to have a stat like that.

But that was one day, and one data point doesn't make a trend line.

But get this: the data just got better.

We're now about 5 pages per session, and more than 8 minutes of play time.

That's a good sign. As a builder, if usage were to go down then that would mean it might not be something I should spend time on.

I know the user interface isn't the best. I know the game play isn't the best. I know the timer doesn't stop for 2 seconds after you win. There are lots of things to improve on this one-week minimum viable project (MVP).

But I think there might be a kernel there of a good game. My wife, my 13 year old son and I all enjoy playing it, and getting three different demographics of people playing the same game is a big accomplishment.

So I'm going to keep hacking away at it on weekends for fun. We'll see what comes of it.

I'll keep you posted in my newsletter as I do.
#3️⃣ How's your time on Pyramid?
I thought I was such a "hot shot" solving Pyramid.com in 1:19.

Then @AndreBergeronCA did it in 49 seconds!

Then @Dynadot did it in 34 seconds. 🤯 (See next tweet/post.)
#4️⃣ Dynadot got game
Dynadot has taken smack talk AND beating me to a whole new level.

And with their 34 second win, they've locked up world record for the time being.

Here's their proof: https://twitter.com/Dynadot/status/1778501797826675094
🥳 99 problems
Michael Cyger
I have 99 problems and they're all related to buying and not selling domain names.
Sometimes I just think of funny things like this.

Most of the time they're not funny to anyone else.

This one seemed to strike a bit of a chord, so thanks for liking it if you did.
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