Michael Cyger
Michael Cyger
Hi there,

I find myself going through fits and starts with posting to X/Twitter.

Some weeks I have a ton of share, comment on, or make a joke about.

And then there was last week and this week – a dry spell. Not much to say.

So I combined two weeks into this newsletter to create my top 5️⃣-for-Friday domain tweets from the week.

At the bottom of this newsletter is a "Did you enjoy this issue?" link. If you liked it, let me know.

Have a great weekend, my friend!


#1️⃣ Investor webinar
Internet Commerce
🎙️ Exciting News! Join us for an exclusive AMA session with industry expert Josh Reason, @JoshDotCo, on March 27th at 12pm EST! Josh is a seasoned brand consultant and entrepreneur, a pioneering force behind DNWE.com, and a longtime ICA member! Want to be part of the action? For just $50 a month, you can join the ICA and gain access to live Q&A sessions with industry leaders like Josh Reason, and other amazing membership benefits, in addition to helping protect the rights of domain name owners. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect and learn from the best! #AMA #DomainCommunity #DomainInvesting #IndustryLeaders #JoinICA
Josh has real hustle, both on and off the pickleball court. (He's a ranked pro.)

Here’s yet another reason to join @ICADomains, in case you were on the fence and needed one more reason.


I love to hear how Josh is viewing the changing market and which edges have untapped profits.

He'll probably talk about what he's buying, what he's selling, and where he sees opportunity in 2024.

Plus, start networking with successful investors in the industry.

Nothing against the anonymous crypto "degens" – do what you love – but as a contrast, ICA is filled with multi-decade successful domain investors who share their real names and pictures (or live video), and are happy to network with newcomers to the industry. 🔥
#2️⃣ .com or bust?
Michael Cyger
Here are @matt_gray_'s 100 best websites for entrepreneurs in 2024

The truth?

Any TLD can host your dream website or digital offering

Yet, not all TLDs stick in memory, like Notion.so

Acquisition cost matters; consider the difference between securing Notion.so vs. Notion.com

Unique TLDs like copy.ai can enhance memorability

Targeting consumers? 👉 .com remains king

For B2B services, explore alternatives like .co, .io and .ai, which remain hot

Sometimes, creative "span the dot" domains, such as growth.design and thumbsup.tv (for YouTube thumbnails), resonate more with users

Choose wisely: your domain will define your brand's digital identity

Here is the list sorted by descending count:
.com - 38
.co - 3
.org - 2
.tv - 1
.fm - 1
.xyz - 1
.so - 1
.it - 1
.io - 1
.ai - 1
.video - 1
.app - 1
"If you're not on a .com, you're not going to succeed!"

Well, not really, as you can see from the graphic above.

Sure, you might be swimming upstream if your product is not as cool as Notion, but if it's really, really useful then you can be on any TLD.

The problem is that most companies are not as useful as Notion.

So don't swim upstream if you don't have to.
#3️⃣ Growth takes time
Michael Cyger
The real question for any domain name space is:

Have you seen them being used for commerce in a meaningful way?

For .com, the answer is resoundingly yes.

Many spaces are growing in popularity.

Whatever you invest in, think about it honestly for yourself.
This post had some opposition.

Page Howe (@JoeDomains), a friend whose opinion I respect, posted a reply (lightly edited), "I don't agree with this. I think you can say 'a' question for the domain space, but not 'the'."

His point was that people are buying domain names event when usage is missing.

I believe he's referring to blockchain domains, but he might also be referring to DNS-based top-level domains that have yet to see traction in the market.

Either of us could be correct. Neither of us have a crystal ball.

I still think that if developers cannot get commerce on blockchain domains, then they're eventually going to lose interest from the speculators.

Agree to disagree. Time will tell. I wish everyone success.
#4️⃣ IT.com third-level domain sales
Michael Cyger
I updated my recent article with the number of third-level domain names registered for @get_ITcom, as shared by @JoeAlagna:

👉 "we expect to hit 10k domains within a few months"

Why Buy a Blockchain TLD When You Can Turn a Domain Name into a TLD?

I updated my recent article with the number of third-level domain names registered for @get_ITcom, as shared by @JoeAlagna:

👉 "we expect to hit 10k domains within a few months"

So I guess @GoDaddy trying to sell 5,000 to 10,000 third-level domains on graphic.design is not unreasonable, given they control the checkout path at the largest registrar in the world and can promote sales as they see fit.
🥳 Dot versus bun
Michael Cyger
An alliance is forming and I’m all-in on the registrar pay-per-view smack-down
I love the social media managers at Dynadot and Porkbun.

Sure, they're promoting their respective, competing registrars.

But they're also having fun with it.
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