Michael Cyger
Michael Cyger
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Here are my top 5️⃣-for-Friday domain tweets from this week.

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#1️⃣ Jason Calacanis on buying premium domains
Michael Cyger
(☝️ That's a video excerpt above, so click-through to watch.)
Follow @Jason's domain advice to build a $1B+ company:

👉 Buy a killer domain name

👉 Spend up to 4% of your raise on it

Even if a business fails, you can still sell it for 25-50% of it's value.

Maven​.com is a million dollar domain. Well done paying less, @GaganBiyani. 👏
Domain investors look self-serving when they talk about companies buying premium domain names.

"Pumping your bags" is not a good look for anyone.

But when @Jason does it, it comes with gravitas because he's a successful startup founder turned investor and VC.
#2️⃣ You too?
Michael Cyger
Domain name investors after doing outbound marketing for a day
This is totally me.

So I couldn't resist writing this post when I saw this Mark Zuckerberg meme running across X.
#3️⃣ Elon finally gets it
Michael Cyger
Domain names > X handles
NEWS: X Has Started Selling Off Old Twitter Handles For Upwards Of $50,000
Get ready for X handles to receive their own marketplace. It's coming.

But don't put too many eggs in a basket that allows the basket holder to take as many as they want.

Domain names will always have more power – and benefit to companies – than social media network handles.

People preaching "but your domain names can be taken away" are not seeing the reality that most people are living in.

I've never seen an honest business owner have their domain name taken away.
#4️⃣ Mike from 20+ years ago
Michael Cyger
My first day working on my own business full time.

📆 April 15, 2002

...2 years after starting @iSixSigma as a part-time labor of love.

Gotta love the fax machine, answering machine and early 2000s monitor!

Sold in 2007, bought back from bankruptcy in GFC, sold again in 2021.
I was cleaning off one of my old PCs and found this pic of me the day after I quit my job at GE and the day I started working on my own business.

While I will be the first to extoll the many significant benefits of starting and running you own business...

I should point out that every single one of the hairs on my head was brown back then. 🤣

Everything in life is a trade-off.
#5️⃣ New Afternic Advanced Search tool
Michael Cyger
Congrats to @jjstyler, @dpacmittal and the entire @GoDaddy team for launching this innovative domain search tool.

If you have a GoDaddy Domain Discount Club membership, you can more easily find mispriced domains as well as domains priced to sell!

👉 https://www.godaddy.com/domain-academy/tools/afternic-advanced-search
GoDaddy Launches New Afternic Advanced Search Tool
Domains are listed every day by owners at a price that they're happy with – and are also below fair market retail pricing.

That's a fact that you as an investor can take advantage of.

This tool allows you to easily spot them.

It also allows you to find domain names that investors are looking to liquidate at, say, $99 or $149.

Lots of opportunities will be opened up with this tool.
🥳 Pickleball is the common thread
Michael Cyger
ChatGPT is down?

Guess I’ll go play pickleball today.
Go Play Pickleball
Who am I kidding.

I'm going to play pickleball whether ChatGPT is up-and-running or not.

And I'm looking forward to the friendly pickleball tournament that @AmmarKubba is organizing at the @ICADomains member meeting in Las Vegas this coming January.
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