Michael Cyger
Michael Cyger
Hi there,

Here are my top 5️⃣-for-Friday domain tweets from this week.

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#1️⃣ Buy better
Michael Cyger
If at first you don't succeed, buy a better domain name.
I meant this tweet in two ways:

1. If you're not selling domains, it's likely that you haven't waiting long enough of you need to buy better domains, and

2. If you're building a business and you're having issues, a better domain might help

I've started many businesses in the past and while I've had some success, a better domain name definitely would have accelerated my success.
#2️⃣ Confusion
Michael Cyger
Domain names matter

People are easily confused
The original post, that I reXeeted (is that a thing?), from @markupgrade was:

"Threads(.com), unaffiliated with Meta's Threads, sees traffic explode by 12,148% to over 10M visits in two weeks, while Meta's user engagement plummets by 70%. Still think your #domain name doesn't matter?"

WOW! 🤯

Domains matter.

Because we've all been confused on where to go.

It's our job as business owners to remove confusion and make it easier for our customers.
#3️⃣ 🙄
Michael Cyger
I roll my eyes when I see company’s website list contacts with a @ gmail․com email addresses.

I have even less respect listing @ hotmail․com or @ yahoo․com.

It's not that hard to setup email addresses using your company’s domain name.

And it makes customers trust you more.
I agree with @ShaneCultra's response:

"I think this is more a reflection on the lack of ease of setting up an email. It's 2023 and its not plug and play install. Yes, we can set them up easily but still have to type in stmpout is ridiculous. Needs to be easier."

It's on @GoDaddy, @Namecheap, @NetSolCares and other registrars to make it easier. Please.
#4️⃣ Best branding
Michael Cyger
Which company in the domain name industry has the “best branding” and why?
I should have defined what "branding" was when I asked this question.

In my mind, Name.com is the best brand in the industry.

It has the best potential.

It can be a registrar, a @BrandBucket-like marketplace, a brokerage, a trademark service, a business card printing service... anything related to naming your company.

I love Name.com as a brand.

And it's totally under-used.

It could be bigger than GoDaddy, in my opinion.
#5️⃣ What are you collecting
Michael Cyger
Some people collect stamps, others collect coins.

Like this tweet if you collect domain names…

Business ideas
Your kids
Sometimes I collect domains because I like them.

Other times I collect them because I have an idea for a business or project.

And I also have some for family. I love to give them as holiday or birthday gifts.
🥳 Fascinating facts
What is a mind blowing fact that would satisfy my 5 year old son’s quest for knowledge at bedtime?
Yes, good for a 5 year old.

But I also like these for chatting at the dinner table with the family.

The latest topic I've been following is LK-99 superconductors that can operated a room temperature and pressure. Look it up.

Some of my favs from this thread include:

* Every time you look at the moon, you're seeing it as it was 1.3 seconds in the past.

* The opposite sides of the dice always add up to seven

* We only have seen 5% of the ocean. 95% has been unseen by humans.

* On average people have 4 to 6 dreams a night. (REALLY? And I can't remember ANY of them!)

* Butterflies taste things with their feet.

* The moon was once apart of the Earth.

Many more fun facts in this thread. Click through while you're drinking your morning coffee.
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